Monthly Terrestrial Water Budget Time Series (V. 3.01: 1900 - 2014)


From climatologically aided interpolations of monthly air temperature (V 4.01) and precipitation (V 4.01)

def150_2014.tar.gz (128)MB)

Deficit (w*=150 mm)

E150_2014.tar.gz (164MB)

Evapotranspiration (w*=150 mm)

Eo150_2014.tar.gz (173MB)

Potential Evapotranspiration (w*=150 mm)

M150_2014.tar.gz (50MB)

Snow melt (w*=150 mm)

S150_2014.tar.gz (76MB)

Surplus (w*=150 mm)

w150_2014.tar.gz (134MB)

Soil moisture (w*=150 mm)

ws150_2014.tar.gz (190MB)

Snow cover (w*=150 mm)


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