University of Delaware Graduate Student
Department of Geography


Weihan Chan

125 Academy St,  Rm 216
Newark, DE 19716
Office: 218A Pearson Hall
Phone: 302-831-6409

  Current Research Project: 
A. The Arctic Sea Ice and the North Atlantic Oscillation

Sea-Ice Cover Maps (Jun-Aug) ~New
Sea-Ice Area Autocorrelation
Sea-Ice Difference Map ~New
Summer vs Subsequent Winter Sea-Ice Area
Summer Sea-Ice vs Winter NAO (JFM) Regression ~New
Sea-ice Area and NAO Time Series
B. Comparisons with other Climate Variables

Other Teleconncetion Index from CPC

 JJA Sea-Ice Area vs JJA Teleconnection Indices   
JJA Sea-Ice Area vs JFM Teleconnection Indices  
MAM Teleconnection Indices vs JJA Sea-Ice Area
AO vs. Summer Sea-Ice Area
NCEP Reanalysis
(Surface Air temperature, Surface Pressure, and 500 mb Geopotential Height)
Jan-Mar Composite Maps
Jan-Mar Correlation Maps
March- December Monthly Composite  
Vector Wind Composite 
(Sensible heat/Latent heat flux, Net Solar/Thermal Radiation, clear sky,
Solar/Thermal Radiation, Solar/Thermal Radiation Downwards)

Summer (JJA) Composite Maps for Extreme Sea-ice Area Years
Summer (JJA) Difference Maps of the Both Extreme Year  
Sep. to Jan-Mar. Monthly Deifference Maps Of the Both Extreme Years
 Correlations of Spring Radiation/Heat Flux & Summer Sea-ice Area
Correlations of Summer Radiation/Heat Flux & Summer Sea-ice Area 
Sep. to Mar. Net Energy Balance Difference Maps 
Annual Cycle
Map of the study regions
Updated: 10/10/2007