The Web-based, Water-Budget, Interactive, Modeling Program

WebWIMP users: If you are a student or teacher and using WebWIMP in connection with a class, please let us know about your experience with WebWIMP by sending an e-mail to Kenji Matsuura at kenjisan@udel.edu. Thank you in advance.

WebWIMP is designed to evaluate a climatically-averaged, monthly water balance for virtually any terrestrial location of interest; that is, on any continent at any node of a one-half degree of latitude by one-half degree of longitude grid. Average monthly air temperature and precipitation data have been interpolated to the one-half degree by one-half degree grid2 and the grid-point water balance is calculated by a modified Thornthwaite procedure3.


On a world map, your first step will be to select (point and click on) a location for which you wish to make a climatic water-balance calculation. The longitude and latitude coordinates associated with this location will be rounded to the nearest one-half degree, and WebWIMP will determine whether the selected location is on land. If the point is on land, the climatic water balance can be evaluated; if not, you will be asked to select another location.


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1WebWIMP version 1.02 is an upgraded version of WebWIMP 1.01, which was implemented by K. Matsuura, C. Willmott and D. Legates at the University of Delaware in 2003. The upgrades were made by K. Matsuura in late 2009. Earlier PC-based versions of WIMP were developed by C. Willmott, D. Legates, and C. Rowe.
2See Willmott, Matsuura and Collaborators' Global Climate Resource Pages
3Willmott, C.J., C.M. Rowe and Y. Mintz, 1985. Climatology of the terrestrial seasonal water cycle. Journal of Climatology, 5, 589-606.